Five star. Bright Fun.
Preschoolers and beyond will enjoy the bright, whimsical illustrations. Good book for communication between parent and child.

Patty A.

I am now retired from being an elementary school teacher and administrator, but I’ve given several of your books to my eleven elementary age (and younger) great grands. They are thoroughly enjoyed by these children, from ages seven down to a fifteen-month-old as there are teaching usages for each of those ages on each page. The seven-year-old in 2nd grade sounds out the new words he finds on each page while the youngest points to the various items and attempts to say words that he has put his finger on- especially the dogs and cats. The animals are well-drawn out, such fun and varied ways of presenting such a variety of drawings. The coloring is adorable and interesting!

Jo F.

5 star – The alliteration was great

The drawings were fantastic. My preschooler and kindergartener loved the book.

Kathy M.

5 star So funny!

With her clever sayings and incredible illustrations, this author really entertains both adults and children! Instead of just the same “a is for apple” that we have all read over and over again, she writes “The artistic anteater airbrushes an astronaut ant.” And she has great drawings to match!

Laura G

5 star – Wonderful Children’s Book with Beautiful Illustrations

I loved this book. It is as beautiful as it is educational. There is a wonderful cadence to the words as the author leads us through the alphabet one smart word after another. The illustrations are beautiful pieces of art that would be so cute framed in a nursery. A+

Stuart Wilsey

5 star So fun to read!!!

My six-year-old son and I snuggle on our comfy sofa while we read and read. My sea creature-loving boy especially likes “the shy seahorse” who “swims swiftly through the silky seaweed” and “the overjoyed otter and the outstretched octopus” who “occupy the open ocean”. Wonderful words and beautiful illustrations!

Laura G

5 star! Loved it so I bought another one for an Alzheimer’s patient The first book was for a granddaughter whose nickname is Baby Bear, so that was perfect. I got another one for a friend with Alzheimer’s who used to teach first grade. In spite of her memory issues she has vivid recollections of her award-winning teaching years and really liked the book. It’s also useful to help her keep up with her reading skills.

The illustrations, which look like watercolor, are imaginative and charming. I think the white background works well to isolate the creatures and things in the images. It’s fun to discover the extras hiding in the illustrations. Most of all, the silliness of the captions is really delightful and appealing. Thank you, Sandra.


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