Sun, Rain, Snuggle Down

Sun Rain Snuggle Down

Wispy white clouds move across the soft blue sky. Bright sun rays steal down upon the surface of the pond and filter through the water, casting little rainbows.

The young goldfish twitches her tail, making her bright scales sparkle in the sunlight. Orange to gold, gold to orange, white to pearl, pearl to white, back and forth it goes as she swishes her tail, delighting in the cool, clear water. She may be little, but she can shine like a star.

The young anole hangs upside down on the nearby wall. He clings to the limestone, his tiny claws finding purchase in the small holes in the rock. He’s hanging upside down! He tilts his head to see the rainbow colors sparkle under the water and reflect upward into his eyes. Mesmerized, he hangs and watches. So pretty.

The young leopard frog sits and warms himself on the waterlily pad. The leaf’s surface feels slick under his new back feet. The soft white petals tickle his smooth back. His tail is much smaller, shorter even than yesterday. He’s proud of his new grownup look.

The white clouds above begin to darken and turn grey. The rainbow colors disappear as the sun is chased away. The air seems to crackle with electricity. The lizard feels a cold breeze blow across his back. He feels lighter, as if he could float, as he clings to the rock under that heavy charcoal sky.

The wind picks up. The lizard runs up the wall and squeezes into a crevice under the overhang. He snuggles further into the tight little cave.

Little waves chase each other across the pond. As the water turns choppy, the leopard frog feels the lily pad tilt under his feet. Drops begin to fall. Ping, ping, they hit the water, dimpling it and being spit back up.

The frog jumps off his pad and swims toward the water’s edge. The drops grow bigger and fall faster and harder. The frog wiggles backwards under a moss-covered rock hidden among the irises along the shore. He snuggles deep into the soft mud.

The sky opens up and the heavens pour forth. The goldfish dives deep toward the bottom of the pond. She snuggles against a myrio plant, the soft feathery leaves tickling her sides.

The lizard, the frog and the goldfish all snuggle down and wait and wait.

Gradually the rain slows. The sky lightens. The drops go ping, ping on the surface of the pond and then finally stop. The sun comes out of hiding. The rain has washed away the dust. Fresh smells are in the air. Everything is clean and sparkles in the sunlight.
The lizard crawls out of the crevice and leaps onto a shiny green canna leaf glistening with water droplets. He turns bright green to match.

The frog wiggles out from beneath the rock, making a slurping sound as he breaks free of the sticky mud. He spots a beetle flying past. Pushing hard with his strong back legs, the frog leaps after the insect. He misses but comes so close he feels the wind from the beat of the beetle’s wings on his face.

Slipping out from among the plants, the goldfish quickly swims upwards toward the surface.

The frog’s leap turns into an unguided dive. Kerplunk, he hits the water. He narrowly misses colliding with a fish.

The goldfish is almost to the top when a frog suddenly appears in her path. She quickly swerves around it.

Upwards she swims, upwards, upwards until she finally breaks free of the surface of the pond. She leaps for the pure joy of living, and for a moment, she flew.

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